January 4th, 2022

Schedule Approval Flow

We have begun internally testing a new schedule query and dashboard approval flow. With this, any schedule that a regular user creates will be set to "pending" and await admin approval under a new page in the "Preferences" view within the app. We plan to roll this out in the next month, and will be available to enterprise customers.

Query Groups for Redshift

For Redshift connections, we now allow setting a query group for "User Runs" and "Scheduled Runs" for any query using that connection. The former applies to when users manually hit "Run" on a given query, and the former for schedules. These new settings apply to both direct and cloud connections.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix files stored in S3 (e.g. schemas, run results) not having appropriate content-type
  • Fix clicking table/view name opening "Table Details" tab instead of expanding the object in the schema tree
  • Update Clickhouse adapter to support newer versions of Clickhouse
  • Fix missing data catalog entries in some rare cases
  • Fix bug on loading BigQuery schemas where we find datasets we cannot access. These datasets are now skipped.
  • Update dropdown for dbt connection to only show cloud connections
  • Fix bug where notebook connection chooser would revert value on focusing

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