February 7th, 2022
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New Schedule Drawer and Modal

We have shipped a refreshed design for our schedule modal for queries and dashboards. Now, when initially clicking the schedule button, instead of a screen covering modal, we show the list of schedules in a drawer that opens on the right side of the screen, similar to details, comments, and other UI elements. From that, we've then simplified the schedule modal to better utilize the same colors and design as the rest of the application. Finally, you can now give your schedules names to make it easier to differentiate between them.

Schedule Approval Workflow

We are currently rolling out to enterprise customers the ability to turn on a new schedule approval workflow. For organizations who have opted into this workflow, any new schedule that has been created by a user will need to be approved by an admin. Additionally, admins will be able to get a full holistic view of all schedules that have been created for their organization, as well as see the prior run results for those schedules. These views are available under "Preferences" under a new "Schedules" tab on the left sidebar.

Toggle X-Axis Sorting in Charts

We have rolled out a new feature on charts to allow end users to control how the X-Axis value will be sorted. Previously, we would always apply an ascending sort to the x-axis values in our charts. While we will still continue applying that sort by default, you can easily change it to descending or turning it off altogether by clicking the new icon to the right of the "X-Axis" header under chart settings.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Remove the unneeded database input field for Preto connections
  • Moved our search modal to run in a web worker to improve performance
  • Reduced the data initially loaded when starting the app to improve performance
  • Added ability to optionally set initial role for Snowflake connections. If not set, will use whatever default is set within snowflake
  • Marked warehouse input for snowflake as optional. If omitted, will use whatever default is set within snowflake
  • For snowflake connection, marked database, warehouse, and role fields as default to better indicate they're only used for initially connecting, but can be changed after connecting
  • Fixed bug regarding changing time for scheduled queries
  • Added buttons to navigate from the Schedules overview page to your related queries and dashboards
  • Fixed bug allowing scheduled variables to override query variables
  • Fixed bug on fetching "BigInt" fields for direct connections
  • Fixed bug around printing interval-based schedules in scheduled emails
  • Added a download page
  • Fixed a bug around circular folder references in Firebase
  • Allow dbt_project.yml to be located in a subfolder for the dbt integration (multiple dbt_project.yml files is not yet supported)
  • Upgraded our dbt instance to 0.20.0
  • Fixed bug with user names not showing up with their avatars
  • Hide all axis settings in the chart editor when the axis has been disabled

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