March 7th, 2022

Updated the Header for our Schema Sidebar

We've refreshed the design for the header on our schema sidebar. Now, all of the fields show an arrow to highlight that all of the fields (connection, database, and schemas) are all dropdowns. Additionally, we've modified the design of the schema selector, losing the outline and adding a rad new icon so that it looks and feels similar to the other selectors.

Status Page

We now have a Status Page to give better visibility into when something is causing PopSQL to not work for customers. While we strive to have 100% uptime, sometimes things happen that brings some component of PopSQL offline, be it some internal issue or related to an upstream provider, like AWS going down back in December. In addition to the static page, you can easily subscribe to updates via email, SMS, Slack, MS Teams, Webhook, or RSS so that you can always be in the know if something is bringing down PopSQL services. We will be adding a status icon to our messaging service to make sure all customers have full visibility into it and to help avoid customer confusion and writing in when things go down.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix crash on filtering users when adding to a team
  • Improve performance on showing tables with cells containing lots of text
  • Fix bigquery schema fetch failure if 1+ projects failed for some reason (e.g. BigQuery API was not enabled on project), and other projects succeeded in fetching
  • Update number of icons to have more consistent internal design
  • Fix rare cases where old connection form could still be opened
  • Fix bug where query variables only used inside Liquid control flow tags' bodies and secondary branches were not being detected (for example, if you have {% if foo %} {{ bar }} {% endif %}, then bar will now be properly detected)
  • Improve cloud query performance, most notably 1-2s for queries against Snowflake
  • Fix 500 error on viewing billing page if Stripe collection method is set to send invoice
  • Fix not using showing saved avatar picture under user details popup
  • Line charts now default to using straight line instead of natural curves
  • Allow using SSL for cloud connections without uploading any certificates or keys
  • Fix "Download full results" for cloud queries returning >100,000 results not working in Chrome or in the desktop app
  • Improve cancelling cloud query logic for Redshift, where we now check both STV_RECENTS and STV_INFLIGHT for the running queries
  • Fix usernames in some dropdowns being hard to read under dark mode
  • Fix line charts only showing y-axis info when x-axis was using timestamps (when x-axis was anything other than timestamps, then x-axis info would show in the tooltip as expected)

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