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Connecting to PostgreSQL

  1. Click Manage Connections in the top center of the app.
  2. Click New Connection in the Manage Connections modal in PopSQL. alt text
  3. For Nickname, enter something a descriptive name for your connection, like Acme Production.
  4. For Type, choose PostgreSQL.
  5. For Hostname, enter the hostname of your database server.
  6. For Port, use the default 5432, or enter the port used by your server.
  7. For Database, enter your the name of your database.
  8. For Username and Password, enter the username and password for PostgreSQL. These are optional.
  9. Hit Connect and you're all set!

alt text

Happy querying! 🍭


If you need to use AWS IAM to sign into your PostgreSQL AWS RDS database through a private connection, we support that on our Enterprise plan. Please get in touch with us if this applies to you.

Once enabled, you will able to select "Amazon RDS IAM" as method to connect in PostgreSQL, and you would then input your DB Username, Region, AWS Access Key ID, AWS Secret Access Key as provided by your administrator.

-- Create a new database user
CREATE USER iam_user;
-- Grant permission to use RDS IAM to that user
GRANT rds_iam TO iam_user;

As this feature currently works only on private connections, your computer's network will be utilized to make the database connection. As such, your computer's IP address will need to be whitelisted for the AWS VPN that the RDS instance lives behind.

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