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Naming, Organizing, and Searching Queries

Once you start naming your queries and organizing them in folders, not only will you be able to find your work in the future, but your co-workers will be able to leverage your work as well. Here are some tips to stay organized and productive with PopSQL:

  1. Give your queries a good name. For example, Week over week user growth, Recent email opens, Past due invoices, etc.
  2. Put related queries in a folder.
  3. Quickly find queries with the fuzzy finder by hitting Cmd+K on macOS or Ctrl+K on Windows/Linux.

Here are some examples of folders and queries we have at PopSQL:

  • Billing and Subscriptions
    • Who are the active users in an organization?
    • How active is an organization?
    • Organizations that are past due
    • Who are the billing admins?
  • Metrics
    • How many students do we have?
    • Users per day
    • Organizations per day
    • Which database clients are most popular?
  • Organizations
    • Recent organizations
    • Look up an organization by email domain
    • Look up an organization by name

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