Query Results

Results position

You can configure PopSQL to show results on the right (for rapid iteration), or on the bottom (for wide results). Look for the icons in the top right of the app.

Results table

In the results table, there's a lot you can do:

  • Filter columns
  • Sort columns
  • Hide columns
  • Expand a row to read it in a vertical format
  • Highlight cells to copy/paste into a spreadsheet

Here's a video demonstrating all of that:


If you need more room to view your results, you can hit the Explore button or press Cmd+E to view your results full screen.

Export to file or copy to clipboard

Click the Export button to export your results to a file, or copy them to your clipboard. We support:

  • TSV (tab separated values): great for copying/pasting into a spreadsheet
  • CSV (comma separated values)
  • JSON

Share your results

For more information about sharing your results, see Sharing a Link to Your Query and Results.

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