Head of Engineering

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Ideal candidate

  • Strong with our stack, front and back
  • Previous engineering management experience: mentoring/coaching reports, creating a high performing software team, balancing velocity and quality, creating a strong engineering culture
  • Strong product sense: have a taste for UX/UI, ability to ship things quickly and iteratively
  • Interest in data analytics
  • Ability to attract talent and grow the engineering team

Challenges we face

  • User experience: we want to build a delightful experience and beautiful interface for our users. How can we build powerful features that help people get to insights fast, and make it fun to use?
  • Scalability: our users query and analyze large datasets in PopSQL, so our frontend and backend systems need to be performant and reliable to support these workflows.
  • Team agility: as an early-stage startup, our objective is to balance product quality with speed within a rapid feedback loop with customers; not an easy feat!

Tech stack


  • React, TypeScript
  • Apollo to fetch data from our GraphQL API
  • Storybook component library
  • Electron to power our cross platform desktop application
  • Next.js to build server side rendered static sites
  • Tailwind CSS


  • Rails hosted on AWS ECS
  • GraphQL API
  • PostgreSQL for our primary data store, Redis and Memcached for caching
  • Terraform for infrastructure as code


  • We love to weave testing, analytics, logging, monitoring, and alerting into our projects
  • Continuous integration/delivery
  • GitHub pull requests/code reviews
  • Quick daily synchronous product meetings to demo progress and get rapid feedback from your peers

To apply

We'd love to hear from you at jobs@popsql.com.