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Say goodbye to clunky tools, endless Slack questions, and versioning headaches. It’s time to modernize your SQL development process.

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Faster data exploration

Enable multiple users to work on data sets, queries, and visualizations simultaneously with real-time syncing and version control.

folders view
Keep your team organized with folders and promote knowledge sharing with a central repository of SQL queries.
search view
Rather than asking questions in Slack or rewriting something from scratch, search for content your teammates have already created: queries, dashboards, tables, columns, and more.
data catalog view
Add definitions and tags to your data model within PopSQL, or leverage one of our integrations to pull them in automatically. See usage statistics, common joins, and top users.
schema browser
Quickly understand your data model with popular tables and columns, pinned tables, and advanced filtering.
autocomplete view
Autocomplete makes you more productive by intelligently suggesting tables/columns as you write SQL. We also surface descriptions, tags, and usage statistics to increase confidence.
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Reduce collaboration overhead

Enable multiple users to work on data sets, queries, and visualizations simultaneously with real-time syncing and version control.

real time collab view
Peer review code, collaborate live, and cut down on back-and-forths to deliver accurate insights fast.
comments view
Need to ask a question or explain your work? Leave inline comments attached to your query, rather than getting lost in Slack.
descriptions view
Understand the context of queries and dashboards with Markdown descriptions.
version history view
Made a mistake? No problem. Easily see who made changes, when, the diffs, and revert back or make a copy.
shared connections view
Never waste time hunting and waiting for credentials again.
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Ship insights fast

Enable multiple users to work on data sets, queries, and visualizations simultaneously with real-time syncing and version control.

In app charts view
Visualize your data without switching to spreadsheets. Quickly spot patterns, trends, and correlations.
lightweight dashboards view
Create lightweight dashboards, way faster than in any other tool.
self serve analytics view
A friendly, intuitive UI to help business users safely customize reports with variables, like date ranges or user IDs.
slack integration view
Push insights to Slack to keep your team up to date.

Powerful across the stack

PopSQL enables your team to leverage existing infrastructure and tooling, elevating your workflow.

Integrate with Slack illustration

Integrate with Slack

Send data to Slack so your team is always up-to-date.

Useful APIs illustration

Useful APIs

API endpoints for query management and scheduling.

Connect to Git illustration

Connect to Git

Keep track of every change and review PRs with Git.

Enterprise-grade security

PopSQL is committed to the highest level of security. We'll make IT and admins happy.

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Secure & compliant

SSO and SCIM provisioning with Okta, AzureAD, Google, and others. SOC 2 and GDPR compliant.

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flexible connectivity illustration

Flexible connectivity

Use our bridge connector, SSH tunnels, static IPs, or desktop app to reach a database that's behind a private network.

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access control illustration

Flexible connectivity

Want to share Postgres Primary with Engineering, and Snowflake with everyone else? We have granular permissions for connections and more.

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PopSQL is trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

Hear firsthand from our esteemed customers about what sets us apart.

  • Mark Scoptur profile pic

    Mark Scoptur

    VP of Product, FactoryFix

    PopSQL's collaboration features have been game-changing and have really helped our non-technical users get comfortable with SQL and answer their own questions.

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  • Cody Clayton profile pic

    Cody Clayton

    Analytics Lead, theScore

    With the team now all working remotely, we found it so much easier to use Shared Connections via SSH.

  • Steve Strates profile pic

    Steve Strates

    Software Engineer, Scruff

    Query variables make it easier for people to have access to data that matters without knowing SQL.

  • Nico Bancel profile pic

    Nico Bancel

    Data Scientist, Instacart

    I especially love PopSQL's UI. New users don't find it frightening or intimidating.

  • Mike Doll profile pic

    Mike Doll

    Head of Data & Analytics, Udacity

    There weren't any tools on the market with a comparable solution.

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  • Fabi Prabhakar profile pic

    Fabi Prabhakar

    Engineering Director, Branch

    I couldn't find another tool that was as pricing friendly and did what we needed the way PopSQL does.

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  • Robert Ma profile pic

    Robert Ma

    Business Operations, Darwin

    Shareable queries and real time in-app collaboration are a game changer.

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  • Rowan Jacobson profile pic

    Rowan Jacobson

    VP Analytics, Jobandtalent

    PopSQL frees up our own data team's time to work on more strategic insights and projects.

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  • Peter Du profile pic

    Peter Du

    Data Scientist, Drop

    Looker has a lot of predefined things, but PopSQL gives me more flexibility for writing SQL and visualizing it straight away.

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