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PopSQL is trusted by 2000+ of the world's top data teams

Find answers faster

One SQL client to rule them all

Get out of SQL silos and align your entire team in a unified SQL editor. Connect to all your databases and warehouses, see your schemas in a single view, and start exploring your data.

One SQL editor to rule them all from PopSQL

Streamline teamwork

No need to copy/paste queries over Slack, send screenshots of charts, or jump on unnecessary Zoom calls. On average, analysts save 10 hours per week with PopSQL.

10 hours saved per week with PopSQL

Faster insights

Give your team a more ergonomic SQL editor they’ll love, so they can do their best work and deliver insights faster.

Faster insights with PopSQL

The SQL IDE you’ll actually want to use

  • Real-time collaboration with PopSQL

    Real-time collaboration

    Collaborate with your team directly in the SQL query editor. Ideal for peer reviews or remote teamwork.

  • PopSQL autocomplete


    Get suggestions as you type your queries for faster writing and quick error detection.

  • PopSQL schema


    Understand your data model fast with usage data on tables and columns, pinned tables, and advanced filters.

  • PopSQL version history

    Version history

    Track changes, see who made them and when, view the differences, and revert or copy as needed.

  • PopSQL query variables

    Query variables

    Parameterize your queries to easily and safely customize reports, like date ranges or user IDs.

  • PopSQL charts


    Create data visualizations without leaving your SQL editor. Identify patterns, trends, and correlations

Why PopSQL?

PopSQL enables your team to leverage existing infrastructure and tooling, elevating your workflow.

Enterprise grade security illustration

Enterprise grade security

SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, SSO/SCIM integrations, versatile database connectivity, and precise access controls.

Useful APIs illustration

Useful APIs

API endpoints for query management and scheduling.

Connect to Git illustration

Connect to Git

Keep track of every change and review PRs with Git.

PopSQL is trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

Hear firsthand from our esteemed customers about what sets us apart.

  • Mike Doll profile pic

    Mike Doll

    Head of Data & Analytics, Udacity

    There weren't any tools on the market with a comparable solution.

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  • Fabi Prabhakar profile pic

    Fabi Prabhakar

    Engineering Director, Branch

    I couldn't find another tool that was as pricing friendly and did what we needed the way PopSQL does.

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  • Cody Clayton profile pic

    Cody Clayton

    Analytics Lead, theScore

    With the team now all working remotely, we found it so much easier to use Shared Connections via SSH.

  • Robert Ma profile pic

    Robert Ma

    Business Operations, Darwin

    Shareable queries and real time in-app collaboration are a game changer.

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  • Steve Strates profile pic

    Steve Strates

    Software Engineer, Scruff

    Query variables make it easier for people to have access to data that matters without knowing SQL.

  • Peter Du profile pic

    Peter Du

    Data Scientist, Drop

    Looker has a lot of predefined things, but PopSQL gives me more flexibility for writing SQL and visualizing it straight away.

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