Easily share what you find

Share the data, SQL statement and chart from a specific query run with a presentation link. No more pasting screenshots or updating static charts in slide decks.

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Organize your most popular queries by metric, feature, role, or whatever fits your team. Nest folders to keep it even tidier.

Deeplinks for editors

Share a deeplink with fellow Editors so they can go right to the source query. You can also set queries as View Only.

Presentation links for viewers

Share a browser link to query results, whether people have the app or not. See the SQL, the raw results from a specific run, and any visualizations.

Flexible permissions

Similar to Google Docs, queries can be private to you, viewable by your team, editable by your team, or made public to anyone with the link.

Save time, cut costs

Instead of making teammates re-run a query, give them a link with the results. Don't pay your cloud data warehouse twice for the same insight.


Create teams for different departments (eg engineering, marketing, support). Perfect for larger organizations that require granular access control.

Why customers love it

"No more emailing CSVs of data or wasting time re-running the same query."

Join thousands of teams writing SQL together