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We help companies make decisions fast.

Every company wants to use data to make informed decisions, and SQL is the lingua franca for data. However, data collaboration is broken. People are rewriting each other's queries, switching apps to visualize their data, and copying/pasting SQL into Slack.

PopSQL solves this by creating a beautiful, fun way to write SQL, visualize data, and share results. The product is loved by data teams from over 2000 companies including DoorDash, Shipt, Redfin, and Optimizely. What we've built so far is just the beginning. Join us and build a great product, a great culture, and a great company 🚀

How we work

Location and hours

Our team is spread throughout the Americas. You're free to choose your own hours and schedule your day in such a way that creates work-life harmony.

Full benefits

Full medical, dental, vision, and life insurance for you and your family.

Open vacation policy

Take the time off that you need to recharge and enjoy.

Light meetings

We like to be disciplined about meetings and only have them when necessary. They should be productive, engaging, and enjoyable.

High quality

Whether it's marketing, engineering, or design, we care about our craft and we strive for high quality.

High ownership

We like when people have high ownership and own projects from start to finish.

Our team

Rahil Sondhi


Early Instacart engineer

Charlie Martell


Ex-Uber engineer that built QueryBuilder

Vic Fernandez


Early Auth0 Head of Design

Paiman Vahdati


Early Segment account executive that built their inbound and outbound sales motions

Our investors

Senior Software Engineer

What you'll do

  • Have a huge impact on which products and features we build
  • Define our technical architecture, processes, stack, and culture
  • Own engineering and product goals end-to-end
  • Work directly with customers to learn their needs

Suggested background

  • 4 or more years experience with JavaScript/React or Ruby/Rails
  • High sense of ownership to independently make good decisions for users and the business
  • A desire to be part of an early stage startup and wear multiple hats
  • Curious about data
  • Have an attention to detail and quality, but know how to balance that with speed given we're a startup
  • A sense of humor (startups should be fun) as well as gravitas (startups are serious; money and livelihoods are on the line)

Challenges we face

  • User experience: we want to build a delightful experience and beautiful interface for our users. How can we build powerful features that help people get to insights fast, and make it fun to use?
  • Scalability: our users query and analyze large datasets in PopSQL, so our frontend and backend systems need to be performant and reliable to support these workflows.
  • Team agility: as an early-stage startup, our objective is to balance product quality with speed within a rapid feedback loop with customers; not an easy feat!

Tech stack


  • React application using hooks written in JavaScript and a bit of TypeScript
  • Apollo to fetch data from our GraphQL API
  • Storybook component library
  • Electron to power our cross platform desktop application
  • Next.js to build server side rendered static sites
  • Tailwind CSS


  • Rails hosted on AWS ECS
  • GraphQL API
  • PostgreSQL for our primary data store, Redis and Memcached for caching
  • Terraform for infrastructure as code


  • We love to weave testing, analytics, logging, monitoring, and alerting into our projects
  • Continuous integration/delivery
  • GitHub pull requests/code reviews
  • Quick daily synchronous product meetings to demo progress and get rapid feedback from your peers

To apply

We're open to frontend, backend, and full stack engineers. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you at