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Create dbt macros and models, all within your SQL editor

Eliminate repetitive SQL using macros

Instead of copying/pasting SQL between queries, create reusable snippets of SQL called macros.

created_at at time zone ‘utc’ at time zone ‘pdt’
from users
select {{ to_pt(‘created_at’) }} from users

Simplify BI queries with data models

Use models to break down long, complicated queries.

Read the docs
with activated_users as (
select as user_id,
count( as num_orders
from users
left join orders on orders.user_id =
group by 1
having count( > 0
select *
from events e
inner join activated_users au
on au.user_id = e.user_id
select *
from events e
inner join {{ ref('activated_users') }} au on au.user_id = e.user_id

Create a data catalog backed by dbt docs

Write table/column descriptions in dbt, and have those descriptions available in PopSQL autocomplete.

Streamline your dbt workflow

Do your entire dbt workflow within PopSQL rather than switching between your code editor, terminal, and SQL editor.

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