Push dashboards to where you'll see them

Dashboards don't just live in your editor. You can push them to Slack, your email inbox, or view in your browser.

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dashboards in PopSQL

Scheduled refreshes

You can tell PopSQL to refresh your dashboard on an interval, like every morning at 9am, and push the results to Slack or email.

Dashboard filters

Give users an easy way to run dashboards with different variables/parameters, like regions or date ranges.

Exec friendly

Executives can easily view dashboards in their browser without seeing the complicated SQL behind the scenes.

Flexible permissions

Dashboards can be private to you, shared with the team, or made public for easy sharing.

Integrates with Slack

When you share a dashboard link in Slack, PopSQL attaches a preview of your dashboard, so you can see your metrics right away.

Why customers love it

"Looker has a lot of predefined things, but PopSQL gives me more flexibility for writing SQL and visualizing it straight away."

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