PopSQL vs. Mode

Unlike slow, costly, and complex business intelligence (BI) tools, PopSQL makes it fast and easy to explore, visualize, and collaborate on data 🫶

PopSQL is trusted by 2000+ of the world's top data teams

Move faster

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    Dive deep into your data with a best-in-class SQL editor built with exploration in mind.

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    Speed up workflows across teams with customizable query variables 🚀

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    Create beautiful dashboards and charts to visualize and share data with a single click.

Collaborate better

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    Edit and present easily with clickable shared queries featuring attached visualizations.

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    Find you and your teammates’ work quickly with powerful search functionality

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    Save progress, track changes, and fork queries with automated version history.

Work smarter

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    Manage accessibility with permission-based connections to a dozen different databases.

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    Boost data literacy and analytical accuracy with a built-in data catalog 🧠

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    Simplify recurring reporting with scheduled queries and automated updates.

"Shareable queries and real time in-app collaboration are a game-changer. In Mode, you would have to send a dashboard, which could have 50 queries in it. Once you find the right query, you would also have to describe where you are in your code as you’re making edits, which made it difficult to collaborate."

See how PopSQL stacks up against Mode

Data catalog
Query folders
Comprehensive query searching
Desktop app
Desktop notifications
Direct connections
dbt core integration
Shared Queries
Query Variables
Scheduled Queries
Multiple database compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions

PopSQL is a modern SQL workspace that combines the best features of a premium SQL editor and a powerful BI tool. Similar to BI tools, PopSQL supports data visualization through customizable dashboards and charts. Unlike a BI tool, PopSQL is designed for data professionals and is focused on fast, flexible data exploration.

PopSQL is built for all levels of SQL knowledge. Experts can quickly write and run queries for rapid, iterative, and unbounded exploration. Beginners can easily find and rerun existing queries with different parameters to create dashboards and charts 🙌

Just like BI tools, PopSQL supports all major data warehouses and databases. With shared connections, users can easily grant access to databases to approved users and maintain visibility into all activity.

Unlike expensive BI tools that come with opaque pricing and locked-in contracts, PopSQL has clear and flexible pricing. You only pay for editors. Viewers can access, comment, and share links to any query or dashboard for free. PopSQL customers have reduced costs by as much as 50% after switching from Mode.

See what separates PopSQL from Mode