Specifying your own colors for charts

PopSQL Team
June 16th, 2021
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Since PopSQL introduced charting, we have provided a preset palette to use for the colors of your series. However, many people have asked to be able to provide their own colors so they can make the chart best represent their data.

We have now introduced the ability to set your own colors for charts, enabled across all types. For bar, combo, line, and scatter charts, when selecting columns for the Y-Axis, you will now see a color picker next to the column select. If you use the "Group By" functionality or pie charts, there will be a new section on the settings sidebar that gives a list of available series and the ability to select specific colors.

For big number charts, you may set specific colors to use for the chart by setting up some conditions under the chart formatting menu. You may utilize a range of different numerical operators over several different conditions to show the big number in the color that fits your needs.

Please see our docs for more information on using charting in PopSQL.

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