Enhanced editor, run all statements, and public share links

PopSQL Team
April 17th, 2020
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New features in 0.9.10 make PopSQL a more robust editor and allow teams to share links to queries with more control.

Enhanced editor

We've greatly enhanced the query authoring experience. From minimap navigation to clearer error messages, these updates to the editor make query writing smoother and faster. You can customize the experience in your app preferences.

Run all statements

You can now run multiple statements at once. Perfect for faster analysis or chaining together actions (like creating, populating, and analyzing a temporary table in one click).

run all statements

Public share links

We have a new Share button that lets you get a PopSQL desktop link, web app link, or a presentation link. We also support public links now, so can share your query with people without them having to sign in. Check out our sharing docs for all the details.

public share links

Happy querying! 🍭

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