GitHub Integration, More Metadata to Help with Relevance, and Improved Search

PopSQL Team
August 24th, 2020
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GitHub Integration

We now have a GitHub integration! Once you connect a repo to PopSQL, if you make a change in PopSQL, it gets pushed to GitHub, and if you make a change on GitHub, it gets pushed to PopSQL. This gives you more control of your data. For example, if you need to make a bulk change to your SQL queries (ie a table name change), you can easily do a find and replace, push to GitHub, and the changes will be reflected in PopSQL. This feature is available in our Enterprise plan. Please contact us if you'd like to add it to your plan.

More Metadata to Help You Understand What's Relevant

As you create more queries in PopSQL, it becomes hard to know which queries are relevant/important, and which queries are deprecated/safe to ignore. To solve that, we've added additional metadata to queries that tell you when the query was written, who it was written by, when it was last run, and more.

Improved Search

We improved the search experience so that it's faster to find what you're looking for, and we added additional metadata to show you what's relevant and what's not.

When you first open the search modal with Cmd+K, you'll see a list of queries you recently opened. As you start typing, we'll do an instant search for query names that match your search term. This is useful when you know the exact name of the query you want.

For Premium Team users, if you want PopSQL to perform a deeper search to search the body of your queries, press Enter. This is useful when you want to search if a specific table is being used, or search by a comment you know you wrote. In this example, I'm searching for a CTE I know I've used.

Other Changes in This Release

  • You now have the ability to rename dashboard widgets 🎉
  • We simplified the Share button

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