New ways to focus, work faster and more efficiently with BigQuery using PopSQL

PopSQL Team
July 26th, 2022
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We want to make PopSQL the best way for data analysts to work with BigQuery data. Many of our users have already connected their BigQuery instances because PopSQL makes it easier to collaborate in real-time and stay aligned. Add to that built-in features such as folders, autosave, dark mode and tab support, and it’s easy to see why they get more done.

That’s why we’re happy to share a few enhancements to the BigQuery + PopSQL experience, including a new built-in cost estimator tool, support for nested columns across schema and result views, and new project filtering capabilities to speed up data discovery.

See how much a query costs before running it

With this new enhancement, as soon as you start writing a query you’ll see a cost estimate next to the Run button based on how many bytes of data your query will process. Estimates are based on a standard on-demand pricing of $5.00 per TB.


This new feature has been enabled for all customers on our Business and Enterprise plans.

Easily dive into nested and repeated column data in one click

We now support RECORD columns in BigQuery IDE to make it easy to examine nested and repeated column data.

In the schema view, you'll see both the main RECORD column like "addresses" in the pictured example and the nested attributes (e.g. "status", “current”, "address", etc).

When you query the data, in the results view, you'll see a summary of the data in the column and from there you can expand to pull up a table of the records.


Focus on what matters, faster, with project filtering


We know that some customers deal with dozens if not hundreds of projects at a time. The result? Connecting to BigQuery and refreshing your schemas can sometimes take a while. What if you could zero in on just the projects you need? Our new project filtering does just that, letting you focus on the data you care about as well as giving you faster load times.

To configure this, go to Preferences > Connections > pick your connection > Advanced > Filter projects.

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements to the overall PopSQL + BigQuery experience. Happy (big) querying!

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