Slack integration, query descriptions, and more

We've added many features in 0.9.5 that make PopSQL a better tool for teams and power-users alike.

Team-Focused Features

Slack Integrations

Does your team share a lot of links to PopSQL queries? Get the gist of a query without ever leaving Slack with our new integration. A PopSQL link shared in Slack now displays key metadata about the query.

Query Descriptions

Introducing query descriptions in PopSQL. Bring all the needed context up top where your teammates can see it. User adding a description to a query in PopSQL

Invite Teammates

The more teammates on PopSQL, the more time you save. Now invite all your favorite colleagues in just a click. User opens the invite teammates feature in PopSQL and quickly sends multiple teammates an invitation.

Editor Improvements

Improved Temporary Table Experience

Use a lot of temp tables? We’ve added new preferences to give you an even better experience in PostgreSQL and Redshift. Screenshot of preferences menu that allows user to specify how temporary tables are handled in PopSQL.

Attach a CSV to a Scheduled Query

When you schedule a query in PopSQL, you can now get a CSV of the query results in the notification email. Save a few steps or power a workflow. User schedules a query in PopSQL and specifies results include a CSV attached to the notification email.

Connect to Snowflake with Okta / SSO

For teams who use MFA and/or Okta to sign into Snowflake, we have you covered. Learn more about connecting with Okta. Snowflake and Okta logos, announcing that users can connect to Snowflake with Okta in PopSQL

Easy Access Preferences

PopSQL now puts your preferences and other key actions right where you need them. A screenshot showing a new access point to preferences menu in PopSQL