Announcing Trino Support in PopSQL!

PopSQL Team
September 7th, 2023
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We're excited to unveil the latest addition to our PopSQL database connections: Trino SQL engine! For those who may not be familiar, Trino is an exceptional open-source, distributed SQL query engine. Trino is renowned for its performance and ability to handle federated queries across various data sources, from Hive and Cassandra to RDBMS. And now, you can unlock its potential right from PopSQL with the new Trino connector.

Why add a Trino connector?

Here are some of the top reasons companies adopt the Trino SQL query engine. Check out Trino's website and documentation for more information.

  • Federated queries: Ever wanted to run SQL on a variety of data sources? With Trino, query Hive, Cassandra, relational databases, and more – all without moving your data.
  • High performance: Built from the ground up for speed, Trino offers a state-of-the-art query compiler and execution engine, making it a go-to choice for organizations that prioritize performance.
  • Massively parallel processing: Distribute queries across numerous workers and leverage parallel processing. The result? Significant performance gains for massive datasets accessing PetaBytes of raw data.
  • Full SQL support: Enjoy ANSI SQL compatibility, complete with intricate queries, aggregations, joins, and window functions. This means Trino queries are right at home in PopSQL, and can be used in BI tools like Tableau and Looker.

PopSQL + Trino: Dive deeper into the connection

In our commitment to provide enhanced flexibility and cater to diverse organizational needs, we've optimized the Trino connector in PopSQL to work as either a cloud or direct connection.

  • Cloud connection: Ideal for those who love the convenience of online platforms. By choosing the cloud connection, you can seamlessly use Trino via PopSQL's web app, schedule queries and alerts in Slack/email, build dashboards and more. You can even join PopSQL's dbt Core™ beta integration.
  • Direct connection: We understand the sensitive nature of certain analytics tasks. Sometimes, you just need to operate locally or access a private network over a VPN. With the direct connection option and PopSQL's desktop app, your workflow remains uninterrupted, giving you the flexibility to connect in the manner that best suits your tasks.

Additionally, you'll be able to take full advantage of PopSQL's core features that are not available in the Trino UI:

Sharing your Trino connection in PopSQL: Tailored to your needs

Every organization operates differently, and PopSQL recognizes the need to support various workflows and security setups. PopSQL supports authentication to Trino and authorization details are respected based on the Trino user who logs into the PopSQL connection. PopSQL offers multiple ways to manage things from there:

  • Private connection: Your connection is only available to you. For additional security you can set up a private direct connection, so the credentials are stored locally.
  • Fully shared connection: Foster collaboration by allowing every team member to access the Trino connection without any barriers. On PopSQL's Enterprise plan you can still limit access to specific people and/or teams so you can set up multiple shared connections for different teams that require different levels of access.
  • Partially shared connection: A blend of security and accessibility. Here, the connection is governed by an admin, but for added security, individual users need to input their credentials before running queries. If you have complex permissions that vary by user, this option can save a ton of time while still enabling the collaboration features in PopSQL.

In summary

Our mission at PopSQL has always been to provide a seamless SQL experience, regardless of where your data lives. By introducing Trino to our array of database connections, we're taking another step in that direction. Get started with Trino on PopSQL today and unlock a world of querying possibilities!

We expect to work closely with the Trino team, our shared customers, and the open-source community in the coming months. Please reach out to PopSQL support or engage with the Trino community for more info. Here's a quote from Martin Traverso, co-founder of Trino and CTO at Starburst:

We are excited to see PopSQL adding support for Trino, joining our community, and enabling our shared users.

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