Annotate your schema

Reduce communication overhead by writing descriptions for tables and columns so your team knows what they mean.


Onboard teammates fast

Guide teammates towards popular tables and columns. Easily see who the expert is for a given table, how often it's used, what it's joined with, and more.


Make it easy to find data

Search for tables, columns, or other schema objects. Quickly see context about the object, like its description, tags, popularity, and more.


Identify which columns contain PII

Tag tables/columns as "PII" so analysts know they're sensitive, or tag as "deprecated" to prevent analysts from using the table/column.

Improve confidence in your data

Let the data experts verify a table/column to let the rest of the team know that this table/column is reliable.

Collaborate with ease

Get sharable links to any object in your database schema so you can collaborate easily.

Get the full context

See the top users for a table, common queries/dashboards that use this table, and common joins to understand how this table relates to others.

Helpful autocomplete

See data catalog insights as you're writing your query. This can prevent you from using a bad table, or give you confidence that you're using the right table.

Stay informed about schema changes

Subscribe to tables you use frequently to get updates on changes.


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