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How to Do Type Casting in PostgreSQL

Here are some examples of common types in PostgreSQL:

-- Cast text to boolean
select 'true'::boolean;

-- Cast float to integer
select 1.0::integer;

-- Cast integer to float
select '3.33'::float;
select 10/3.0; -- This will return a float too

-- Cast text to integer
select '1'::integer;

-- Cast text to timestamp
select '2018-01-01 09:00:00'::timestamp;

-- Cast text to date
select '2018-01-01'::date;

-- Cast text to interval
select '1 minute'::interval;
select '1 hour'::interval;
select '1 day'::interval;
select '1 week'::interval;
select '1 month'::interval;

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