How to Round Timestamps in Snowflake using date_trunc Function

Rounding and/or truncating timestamps is useful when you're grouping by time. There are a few approaches.

The DATE_TRUNC function

select date_trunc('second', now()) -- or minute, hour, day, month

Predefined functions in Snowflake

If you are rounding by year, you can use the year() function (or month(), week(), day(), etc:

select year(getdate()) as year;

Be careful though. Using the month() function will, for example, make January 2020 and January 2019 both just translate to 1. That may not be what you want

Round and format result as a string, e.g. '05-2020'

However, if you want to distinguish between months of different years, you need to use to_varchar() function:

select to_varchar(getdate(), 'mm-yyyy'); -- round to month
select to_varchar(getdate(),'dd-mm-yyyy'); -- round to day
select to_varchar(getdate(),'dd-mm-yyyy hh'); -- round to hour
select to_varchar(getdate(),'dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm'); -- round to minute
select to_varchar(getdate(),'dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss'); -- round to second
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