All the power of your favorite IDE

Smart autocomplete, code folding, error highlighting, and more. PopSQL uses the same text editor as VS Code.

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Scrolling query results

PopSQL uniquely shows query results on the right side of your screen so you can iterate on your SQL and see how the results evolve.The traditional results on bottom view is available too.

Multiple cursors

You can update many parts of your queries at once with multiple cursors.

Filter your results

Filter results just like Airtable. Sort, hide, or re-order columns without re-writing your queries. Expand rows vertically for easier reading, like reading long JSON strings.

Live collaboration like a Google Doc

Work in realtime with your teammates on a query. Perfect for peer review or remote collaboration.

Desktop notifications

PopSQL will notify you with a desktop notification when your long running query completes.

Dark mode

Go easy on your eyes with dark mode.

Why customers love it

"I especially love PopSQL’s UI. New users don’t find it frightening or intimidating."


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