July 2020 Update

PopSQL Team
July 22nd, 2020
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In this update, we've made it easier to analyze your results, switch between queries, and invite teammates.

Improved query results table

We improved the query results table to feel more like a spreadsheet. You can now:

  • Filter columns
  • Sort columns
  • Hide columns
  • Expand a row to read it in a vertical format
  • Highlight cells to copy/paste into a spreadsheet

Automatically switch connections when you switch queries

You might have some queries that are meant to be run against one connection (eg Postgres IDE), and other queries that are meant to be run against another connection (eg Snowflake IDE). PopSQL will now remember which connection you used with each query and automatically switch connections for you 🎉

Invitation links

We've added a new way for people to join your PopSQL organization: invitation links.

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