Autocomplete for dbt Files Now Available!

December 11th, 2023

We're excited to announce a significant update to PopSQL – the introduction of autocomplete support in dbt files! This enhancement marks the first phase of our journey towards providing a comprehensive autocomplete experience for dbt references like macros and models.

Watch a brief demo of autocomplete in the PopSQL dbt editor or keep reading for more info.

What's New?

Seamless Autocomplete in dbt File Editor

  • Standard Autocomplete Features: Utilize PopSQL's trusted autocomplete functionality within the dbt file editor.
  • Broad Scope: Autocomplete support now extends to schemas, tables, views, columns, functions, keywords, and even column aliases defined in CTEs in your current file.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Spend less time typing and more time analyzing. Our autocomplete feature streamlines your workflow by suggesting relevant database objects and SQL syntax.

What's Next?

This release lays the groundwork for:

  • Advanced dbt References Autocomplete: We are gearing up to incorporate autocomplete for more complex dbt references, including macros and models.
  • dbt File Linting: Alongside autocomplete, we are developing linting capabilities specifically for dbt files, aiming to enhance code quality and consistency.

Get Started

To experience the new autocomplete functionality, simply open a dbt file in PopSQL. The autocomplete features are ready to assist you right out of the box.

Check out PopSQL's dbt documentation for more info!

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve and expand our features.

Happy querying,

The PopSQL Team

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