Cached results display limit is now customizable

August 16th, 2023
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We're delighted to present a brand new feature that gives you greater control over your recent query history: a customizable display limit for cached results. In this update, you now have the ability to adjust the number of results PopSQL remembers, tailoring it to your specific needs.

You can access this new setting in your personal preferences by clicking on your photo or initials in the bottom-left corner in PopSQL.

Here's What's New:

  • Custom display limit: While the default number of cached results remains at 10, you now have the freedom to increase this count using our newly introduced setting. This means you can have more of your recent query results available for quick reference.

Important Considerations:

  • Memory Usage: Keep in mind that increasing the cached results count will consume more in-app memory. If you're dealing with large results, it's advisable to set a lower value for this setting to prevent excessive memory usage.

  • Regular Clearing: Alternatively, you can proactively manage memory usage by clearing cached results periodically, especially when dealing with large results. This proactive approach will help maintain PopSQL's responsiveness and prevent potential slowdowns or crashes.

Thank you for being a part of the PopSQL community. Your feedback and support drive us to continually improve! Please reach out to support or your customer success manager with any suggestions or questions.

Happy querying,

The PopSQL Team

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