Introducing Run History!

May 3rd, 2023
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Do you need to look up queries that you or your colleagues have run in the past? Today we’re launching Run History! We designed Run History with multiple purposes in mind, and we're confident that you'll discover additional uses for it. Here are some example scenarios where it might come in handy:

  • You were working on a query last week, but you didn't give it a name. Now you can scroll through your runs from last week and find the draft query. This will even work if you already deleted the draft!

  • A teammate was working on a query yesterday, but they are out today and you need it ASAP. You can pull up their runs to find the query and finish it rather than starting from scratch.

  • The team is reviewing frequent scheduled query runs. You can filter Run History to show scheduled runs and click through to the queries to review or adjust schedules.

You’ll see all your own query runs, plus team member runs for queries you have access to. Click Run history at the top of your results section to check it out:

Run History keeps a log of the SQL statements you run, the connection used, query duration, and rows returned if it was successful. It also records errors for failed queries. The history will include queries you run live from the SQL Editor and also runs you have scheduled in PopSQL.

You can search for queries based on the title or text snippets from the query itself (like searching for a specific table or function). There are also filters for date range, schedules, success or failure, connections, and which team team member triggered the run.

For more info, check out the Run History docs.

Note: Run History currently only works for runs against cloud connections.

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