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August 4th, 2023
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We are excited to introduce the latest round of enhancements to PopSQL's autocomplete feature. In this update, we've focused on expanding autocomplete support to encompass more elements of your queries, refining suggestions, and resolving various issues reported by our users.

Comprehensive CTE and Subquery Completions

Now, in addition to table and column schema completion, PopSQL's autocomplete is smarter than ever when it comes to CTEs and subqueries. You'll receive suggestions for:

  • Names of CTEs and subqueries, making it easier to reference them throughout your query.

  • Explicit and wildcard columns within CTEs and subqueries, improving visibility of available fields.

  • Nested subqueries and chained CTEs, enabling you to navigate complex query structures seamlessly.

  • Alias/CTE column name overrides, giving you precise control over column references.

  • Like previous enhancements, it continues to narrow suggestions to what makes sense for the position you're typing at in the query.

Enhanced Filtering of Column and Table Completions

We've listened to your feedback and fine-tuned the filtering of column and table completions by database and schema. Now, when referencing a table with a fully qualified path (e.g., SELECT users.| FROM dbt.users), PopSQL will intelligently return columns for the specified table, streamlining your workflow and minimizing unnecessary distractions.

Improved Sorting and Display of Suggestions

In response to your input, we've made significant improvements to the sorting and display of autocomplete suggestions. You'll notice that suggestions are now presented in a more intuitive order, enabling faster decision-making while writing SQL queries. Additionally, we've addressed several issues related to suggestion details to ensure a smoother experience.

We hope these updates will make using PopSQL even more enjoyable and productive. Thank you for your continued support and feedback 🧡

Additional improvements

  • Added completion path to the label for when there are multiple of the same table/schema entries to easily identify them.

  • Fixed issues with autocomplete in UNIONs!

  • Caching was improved so completions are instantaneous and more accurate for smaller queries.

  • A number of issues with CTE/subquery completions have been addressed.

Happy querying!

The PopSQL Team

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