New and Improved Autocomplete! 🌟

June 29th, 2023
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We're thrilled to unveil a completely rebuilt PopSQL autocomplete with a range of enhancements. Our goal is to empower you with intelligent suggestions and streamline your workflow, making SQL development faster and more efficient. Here's what PopSQL's new autocomplete already supports:

  1. Auto completion of fully qualified paths (as you type PopSQL will recognize the progression from database, schema, table, column).

  2. Completion of columns in JOIN's ON, WHERE, GROUP BY, and ORDER BY clauses.

  3. Narrowing of columns to only the tables included in FROM and JOINs.

  4. Completion of columns and tables Inside CTEs and subqueries.

🔜 Teaser: Upcoming autocomplete improvements

We're not stopping here! We're already working on the next phase of autocomplete improvements. Our upcoming updates will include the removal of duplicates in the autocomplete options, better ordering of suggestions, and the ability to hide functions that you rarely use. These enhancements will further refine the autocomplete experience, offering even more tailored and intuitive suggestions to expedite your SQL development.

We're committed to continuously enhancing our SQL editor and providing you with the tools you need to thrive.

Happy coding,

The PopSQL Team

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