New App Navigation and Deep Linking 🧭

January 23rd, 2023
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The PopSQL app now supports back and forward actions in both the browser and desktop app. On the desktop app, you’ll notice back and forward buttons in the top left corner, so you can navigate through your recent pages! You can also use keyboard shortcuts (ctrl - ) for Back and (ctrl shift - ) for Forward. There’s a full list of shortcuts on the Keyboard Shortcuts page in your PopSQL preferences.

If you’re using PopSQL in a web browser, the URL bar now shows a link to the page you’re viewing rather than a generic link to the app. You can copy that URL to share with others and send them to the exact page you’re on (queries, dashboards, table schema). Back and forward buttons also work in the browser to navigate through your browsing history.

+ A few other updates…

Dashboard performance improvement and bug squashing 

Recently, we have improved the performance of dashboards by only loading the widgets on the screen. Viewing and editing dashboards is a lot smoother and we’ll continue to invest in improved performance of dashboards.

Desktop app now defaults to your OS setting for theme

PopSQL will now match your preference for theme, so if your OS is set to dark mode, PopSQL will automatically switch to match. It also works if you have the OS set to turn dark only at night, PopSQL will also update!

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