Recent updates to the dbt Core™ beta (July 2023)

July 31st, 2023
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Here's a summary of recent changes to the PopSQL dbt Core™ integration:

BigQuery OAuth connections can be used with the dbt integration. Previously, BigQuery required a service account connection to work.

The run button has been replaced with a configurable action button. Available actions include: Compile, Run, Test, Build. Those actions can be executed against the currently displayed model, all models, only upstream or downstream models, or both upstream and downstream models.

You can now review changes to each changed file, similar to the changed files view in Github. The page will highlight removed rows in red and added or changed rows in green.

Org and user dbt settings pages are cleaner and bugs related to saving your settings have been resolved.

Open branch on github shortcut added to switch over to Github for PR reviews.

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