Roundup of Small Updates and Squashed Bugs

June 23rd, 2022

Small Updates

  • We added row numbers to query results!

  • We updated the look of autocomplete to make it easier to read :)

  • For BigQuery, we added support for MATERIALIZED_VIEW under the views section in the schema tree and EXTERNAL and SNAPSHOT tables under the tables section in the scheme tree.

  • We updated the default setting for all queries in an organization's folder to be "Can edit" for the team rather than just "Can view."

  • We improved our chart error messages to make it clear why the chart was failing to graph.

Squashed Bugs 🪲

  • For BigQuery, we fixed a bug that was blocking functions, procedures, and views from showing up in the schema tree.

  • We fixed a bug that was causing the notification "Something went wrong loading PopSQL" to show when running queries that returned certain data types.

  • For pie charts, we fixed a bug that was preventing the slice and radial labels from working.

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