Slide into Slack DMs & simplify access with our updated scheduling features

November 7th, 2022
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First, the big news 🎉 You can now send scheduled reports directly to teammates in Slack instead of a channel (here’s a refresher on how our Slack integration and Slack scheduling features work).

If you have a scheduled query or dashboard that’s only relevant for certain teammates, all you have to do is:

  • Navigate to the Notifications tab when scheduling a query or dashboard

  • Click the dropdown menu under Channel and select Slack

  • Type in the username of the person you want to direct message in the row below

But that’s not all! The links in your scheduled Slack messages (and emails) will now automatically follow the same settings as your presentation links. If you set a presentation link to be public, users won’t have to sign in when they click on your Slack or email link 🙏

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