Get Started with BigQuery and PopSQL in 5 Minutes in BigQuery

Grab your ⏱ and see if you can beat our 5 min record:

  1. Log into your existing Google Cloud account or create a Google Cloud account for free. Just be sure to use the Google Account you'll also use to create a PopSQL account.

  2. Create a project within your Google Cloud account. Name it whatever you'd like. alt text

  3. Download PopSQL.

    You can technically use the Google BigQuery web UI, but PopSQL is a modern SQL editor built for teams that works on every platform, for all major databases.

  4. Create a new database connection in PopSQL for BigQuery.

    • We recommend connecting via OAuth.
    • Use the same Google Account you used to make your Google Cloud Account.
    • Enter the Project Name you created in step 2 as your BigQuery Project
  5. Want to start querying right away? In PopSQL you can reference any of BigQuery's surprisingly cool free, public sample datasets 😎.

From BigQuery query to chart to Slack in seconds
Get to answers faster, together, with PopSQL and BigQuery