Get Started with BigQuery and PopSQL in 5 Minutes

Grab your ⏱ and see if you can beat our 5 min record:

  1. Log into your existing Google Cloud account or create a Google Cloud account for free. Just be sure to use the Google Account you'll also use to create a PopSQL account.

  2. Create a project within your Google Cloud account. Name it whatever you'd like.

    create test project bigquery google cloud console

  3. Download PopSQL.

    You can technically use the Google BigQuery web UI, but PopSQL is a modern SQL editor built for teams that works on every platform, for all major databases.

  4. Create a new database connection in PopSQL for BigQuery.

    • We recommend connecting via OAuth.
    • Use the same Google Account you used to make your Google Cloud Account.
    • Enter the Project Name you created in step 2 as your BigQuery Project
  5. Want to start querying right away? In PopSQL you can reference any of BigQuery's surprisingly cool free, public sample datasets 😎.

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From BigQuery query to chart to Slack in seconds
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