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Chart improvements: big number charts, combo charts, and point labels

JAN 4, 2021

PopSQL has new options for charting more beautiful and informative charts.

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OCT 1, 2020

Now you can create comments on a SQL query to discuss changes with your teammates.

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Announcing PopSQL's $3.4M Seed Round

SEP 8, 2020

I'm excited to announce that PopSQL has raised a $3.4M seed round led by Gradient Ventures (Google's AI venture fund), with participation from FundersClub, Y Combinator, and many great angel investors.

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GitHub Integration, More Metadata to Help with Relevance, and Improved Search

AUG 24, 2020

We've created a GitHub integration, added additional metadata for queries to help you understand what's relevant, and improved the search experience.

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Query Variable Improvements

JUL 30, 2020

We've improved query variables so that you can give them a type (eg string, number, date, boolean, and dropdown), give them a default value, and mark them as required."

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July 2020 Update

JUL 22, 2020

In this update, we've made it easier to analyze your results, switch between queries, and invite teammates.

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June 2020 Update

JUN 21, 2020

Lots of new features and improvements to announce in PopSQL this month! 🎉

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New charts, draft queries, and more

MAY 4, 2020

Since the very beginning of PopSQL, customers have wanted to customize their charts in PopSQL. They liked that we automatically created a chart for them based on their SQL query results, but they didn't like that they couldn't configure that chart, like changing from bar chart to line chart, or choosing which column should be your X-axis.

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